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Who are we ?

Offshore operation specialists with a large experience within the offshore industry (marine projects in shallow and deep waters, oil&gas industry, marine renewable energy, Defence, etc.).
Our immersion sites are located off the coasts of Brittany.


Why have we chosen to immerge at 60m of water depth ?

In order to achieve full darkness, constant temperature (day and night all year long) and to eliminate the risk of theft.


What immersion time ?

The immersion time shall be discussed with the client.
It typically ranges from 6 to 12 months and could be extended up to 24 months.


How to ensure the bottles are properly sealed ?

Your bottles will be protected against any leakage issue by the use of a special sealing wax. However Champagne bottles will not require any specific protection (tested and approved) at 60m water depth.
Amphoris is also leading a research and development project in cooperation with cork manufacturers so we can advise the most suitable cork depending on immersion depth and duration.


Will my bottles be safe underwater ?

Our underwater sites are located at depths beyond limits of human free diving.
These sites have also been chosen according to numerous criteria such as the seabed characteristics, swell and currents, no co-activity on area (no fishing, no military or other activities).
Amphoris has been granted all proper authorizations delivered by the French Maritime Authorities and the Dept. of Maritime Affairs.


What will the labels become underwater ?

The labels will of course disappear after few weeks once the bottles are laid underwater.
After recovery of the bottles, a new label will be attached to them. Relabeling shall be organized depending on the client’s requirements.