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Come and discover the story of your bottle.

The process


Give your bottles to AMPHORIS.
We will immerse your bottles in selected sites at sea in specially designed racks. Our immersion sites are over 60m deep in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

You decide which wines you want to age underwater and the desired immersion time.
We guarantee the bottles against breakage, theft and any leakage issues. We also provide temporary storage onshore in atmosphere-controlled facilities, as well as rinsing, repackaging and relabeling as desired.


Upon reception of the goods

Bottles are prepared and stored in specially designed racks.


Transportation and immersion of the racks.
Monitoring during immersion.

Upon recovery

Racks recovery and transportation back onshore.
Bottles are then cleaned, rinsed and relabelled according to the client wishes (optional).


Any question ?

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